Explore Stage - Year 9.jpegHumanities and Social Sciences

Civics and Citizenship

Students examine how human rights are established and how power is exercised through the Australian constitution. They investigate the features and principles of Australia's court system, including its role in applying and interpreting Australian civil and criminal laws. Students also examine global connectedness and how this is shaping contemporary society, laws and values. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways:

  • Legal Studies (General) 
  • Social and Community Studies (Applied) ​

Economics and Business

Economics and Business empowers students to be active and effective participants in economic and business activities, while reflecting on the effects of decisions on people and places, now and in the future. They develop enterprising behaviours and entrepreneurial capabilities to make informed decisions, create value and develop understanding of the economy, finance, work and business environments. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Accounting (General) 

  • Business (General) 

  • Business Studies (Applied) 

  • Economics (General) 

  • Tourism (Applied) ​


Geography provides students with the opportunity to develop a sense of wonder, curiosity and respect about places, people, cultures and environments throughout the world. Students learn to think geographically by understanding and using the concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale and change when investigating local and global human-environmental challenges through field work and spatial technologies. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Geography (General)
  • Earth and Environmental Science (General)​




Students use written and spoken Japanese to interact with peers, teachers and other speakers of the language in immediate and local contexts and may also interact with other Japanese speakers through online environments and the community. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Japanese (General) 



Students use written and spoken Spanish to interact with peers, teachers and other Spanish speakers in immediate and local contexts relating to their own social and educational worlds. They interact with cultural resources and Spanish-speaking communities in a variety of countries through a range of online environments.  

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • ​Spa​nish (General) ​



Design and Technology

Design and Technologies provides an opportunity to design and produce solutions focused on one or more of the following specialisations: Food and fibre production, Food specialisations and Materials and technologies specialisations. Students work independently and collaboratively to complete problem-solving activities and make connections to related specialised occupations and further study. More broadly, Design and Technologies provides opportunities to understand the complex interdependencies involved in the development of technologies and enterprises.  

Potential QCA​A Subject Pathways 

  • Design (General) 
  • Fashion (General) 
  • Food and Nutrition (General) 
  • Hospitality Practices (Applied) 
  • Industrial Design and Technologies (Applied) 


Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies provides opportunities to analyse problems and design, implement and evaluate a range of digital and engineered solutions, such as database-driven websites and artificial intelligence engines and simulations. Students consider how human interaction with networked systems introduces complexities surrounding access to, and the security and privacy of, data of various types. They interrogate security practices and techniques used to compress data, and learn about the importance of separating content, presentation and behavioural elements to ensure data integrity. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Digital Solutions (General) 
  • Engineering (General)​
  • Information Communication Technologies (Applied) 


The Arts


Students actively use body, gesture, movement, voice and language, taking on roles to explore and depict real and imagined worlds. They develop a sense of inquiry and empathy by exploring the diversity of drama in the contemporary world and in other times, traditions, places and cultures. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Drama (General) 
  • Drama in Practice (Applied)

​​​Media Arts

Students learn to be critically aware of ways that media are culturally used and negotiated and are dynamic and central to the way they make sense of the world and of themselves. They are inspired to imagine, collaborate, and take on responsibilities in planning, designing and producing media artworks.  

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Film, Television and New Media (General) 
  • Media Arts in Practice (Applied)


Students individually and collaboratively develop aesthetic knowledge and respect for music and music practices across global communications, cultures and musical traditions. Students manipulate, express and share sound as listeners, composers and performers. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Music (General) 
  • Music Extension (General) 
  • Music in Practice (Applied) ​

Visual Arts 

Students create visual representations that communicate, challenge and express their own and others’ ideas as artist and audience. They develop perceptual and conceptual understanding, critical reasoning and practical skills through exploring and expanding their understanding of their world and other worlds. 

Potential QCAA Subject Pathways 

  • Visual Art (General) 
  • Visual Arts in Practice (Applied) 


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Last updated 22 April 2022